From beekeepers to beekeepers

Optimum number of beehives for novice beekeepers

Thinking of my own beginnings, beekeepers’ advice and implementing my current experience, I will try to help young beekeepers start practicing this branch of agriculture. Every beginning is hard, so is this one. It requires, at the beginning as well as later, constant learning and improvement. W

Beekeeping for beginners – advices

Every job that you do requires love. So does beekeeping. What is most important is that you get rid of the beginner’s fear of working with bees, and that you are not allergic to their sting. If you get only a swelling, redness and itchiness after a sting, this is just a normal reaction and in time y

Honey bee

The honey bee is the type of insect in the genus of arthropods. The main characteristic of all bees is that they collect pollen, as a source of protein and flower nectar as a source of carbohydrates. There are around 20000 species of bees on the Earth, widespread all over the world except for Antar

Queen bee

The queen bee is the only fertile female in the bee colony, whose task is to lay eggs, thus enabling the survival of the colony, as well as keeping together the bee colony by secreting pheromones. Females (workers and queens) develop from fertilized eggs, while males (drones) develop from unfertiliz